Program Information - WOTS

The Water Operations Technical Support (WOTS) Program was initiated in FY 1985 to support technology transfer efforts for environmental and water quality operational studies. The WOTS Program provides effective environmental and water management engineering technology to address a wide range of water resource management problems at Corps of Engineers reservoir and waterway projects, and in the river systems affected by project operations nationwide.

The program provides technology to solve water management and related environmental problems resulting from the presence of nonindigenous aquatic species and tailwater fisheries at pump-back hydropower projects. The program also examines water management impacts of shoreline erosion control and reservoir sedimentation, and other project operations related to environmental and water management issues.

Since its inception, the WOTS Program has provided environmental and water management technological solutions to over 1,100 problems identified at projects from every Corps District. The program annually publishes and distributes user manuals, information bulletins, technical notes, and technical reports. In addition, the program annually conducts speciality workshops, training personnel on the latest environmental and water management management techniques.

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