Windows 2000/XP
It has been brought to our attention that problems occur when trying to run the APIS system using Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The problem occurs when a "power user" is attempting to run the system, which was installed by the administrator. An error similar to this,"Cannot find \apis\manager\.jpg", is displayed when the user presses the "Start" button from the information manager. This error occurs because the user has not been given full access to the application path entry in the registry. To overcome this problem, the administrator must give the user full permissions on the APIS.EXE entry into the APP PATHS section of the registry. For Administrators: To access this entry into the registry, run regedit from the start menu. The app path for APIS is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/Windows/CurrentVersion/App Paths/APIS.EXE. Once located, right-click on APIS.EXE and change the permission for users to full.

Version 3.0
After production of this CD, and error was detected in the identification portion of the system. In order to fix these problems on your machine, a full installation (i.e. all program files were copied to the hard drive) must have been executed. To correct this error, download (right-click on link & Save) the file wesget11.exp and place it in the \apis\plants directory. This file should overwrite the previous one


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